Sharing Folders on a Network

Avatar Rick Churchill
I have both a PC and a MacBook on the same network. I want to have swap folders on each so I can put in them either, files that I want to access from each or files that I put in ready to grab from the other computer. I have failed at several sharing methods outlined on the web.

On the Mac I have set up sharing by using:
Preferences>Sharing>File Sharing (ticked) and added a folder which I have called “Share from Mac” to the Shared Folder list, then under Options - Share files and Folders using SMB (Server Message Block) is ticked and under account is Rick Churchill but I think this is only my Mac computer.

On the PC Settings>Network & Internet there is suppose to be “Sharing options” where I can make the PC discoverable by clicking Private rather than Public but there isn’t on my PC, however I found this under WiFi Properties. Under Advanced sharing options Network Discovery is turned and so is Printer and file sharing. Both these setting are also in Guest or Public.
On the PC I have right-clicked on a folder called "Share from PC" and set it to Give access to…>"Everyone" in the drop-down box, then Add and Share.
But I cannot see the Mac or any folder from the PC and vice-versa.

Another method was to create an account on the Mac for Sharing only but the account name had to be the same as the PC account and it then advised that the account name Rick Churchill was already in use. I suppose it may be possible to change the account name somehow on either the PC or the Mac.

I have read that I could set up access to iCloud Drive on my PC (it is already on the Mac) but it seems ridiculous that I have to send the files all the way to California in order to move them across my lounge! Another method may be to install a NAS. (Network Access Storage) device.

Has anyone any suggestions?

Re: Sharing Folders on a Network

Avatar Trevor Hewson
USB stick :)

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Avatar Tony Still
iCloud Drive is a good option in that it is likely to be easy to set-up. Similarly something like Dropbox.

However, I do agree that you should just be able to move things around on your LAN. Some things you could try:
On Mac: I think your set-up is correct. The Rick Churchill bit is the user name (presumably you have only that user account so tick it). I believe any syntax on the Windows side will reference your Mac from its Computer Name in the string pane, not the user account name.
* On Mac: in Finder Preferences, Sidebar tab, ensure that Connected Servers and Bonjour computers are selected. You may then be able to see the PC.
* On Mac: in the Sharing pane, there is a ? icon at bottom-right. This links to a Help page with a further link to a page called 'Connect your Mac to shared computers and servers' which may help.
* On PC: I can't believe that even Windows will "make the PC discoverable by clicking Private rather than Public", are you sure you're in the right place? I don't think you should be looking at WiFi options, you need networking options ('cos networking is Layer 3 and controls the actual movement of data, using link services from Layer 2 including WiFi and wired Ethernet).

Trevor's solution lacks style but is the most likely to "just work".

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Avatar Rick Churchill
Thanks for your suggestions. I already had Connected Servers and Bonjour selected. I followed the advice in the Query link. I already had Everyone allowed for my shared folder. In the Advanced Options I can allow Guest Users or Only SMB encrypted connections and so I have allowed guests.
On the Mac I can see the PC but there are no folders showing. On the PC there is the TV shown once as a Media Device and 3 times as Other Devices, my Receiver as a Media Device and the Hub as a Network Infrastructure but no Mac.

I mislead you about the setting being under Wi-Fi it was just a link that took me to the correct page. (Actually Control Panel>Network and Internet>Network and Sharing Centre>advanced sharing settings)

I've lost the will to carry on and have set up an iCloud Drive and a OneDrive on both computers so I have 5GB in each to play with.

Incidentally now I have bought a huge monitor, I am moving my photo editor, Lightroom to my PC and will use the Drive "folders" to transfer images after conversion by Affinity on the Mac the edited photos back to my Mac for "sharing". At present my thinking is to upgrade my Mac at some stage to a Mac mini and use my iPad for mobile "work/play".

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Avatar Lionel Ogden
iCloud seems to. work for me between my Mac my MacBook and my PC

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Avatar Rick Churchill
Yes it looks like we've all given up and are sending our files back and forth across the Atlantic rather than just across our living rooms/offices. I have to have faith in Talktalk and BT Open Reach's service!

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Avatar Eleanor Spenceley
Strange, I've been able to setup connections between my macs and a Windows 10 instance pretty easily. However, this is a Parallels instance on one Mac connecting to others. I'm pretty sure Parallels does some friendly stuff to make this seamless.

I'm open to a screen share of your two systems one evening to try to figure something out. (Always up for a challenge, but if Windows is involved, I'm sure it'll not be straight forward).

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Avatar Rick Churchill
Thanks Eleanor. I would appreciate another go at accessing folders on each platform. You'll have to talk me through how I share screens.
Please obtain my email address through Mick.

Just had a thought: Will I have to set up an email account on my PC?