Brian Tapper's "At home" 100th Anniversary today!

Avatar Euan Williams
As Brian is too shy to mention this in public, he and Claris the Crocodile have hosted the 'Tapper at Home' Zoom sessions started at the beginning of the Covid Crisis--for 100 occasions.

Details of these are regularly posted in Mick's green what's on emails, and continue to amuse those of us who join in. Highly recommended, and thank you Brian! :-))

Re: Brian Tapper's "At home" 100th Anniversary today!

Avatar Brian Tapper
Thank’s Euan for your really kind words, our zoom Sunday at home are very imformal chat sessions, where all of our members are welcome to join in, you can chat about almost anything, (not Apple or politics), there are two sessions of 40 minutes, so why not give it a try?, join in the chat, or just listen in, you may even see someone from our wide membership that you may not normally be able to meet in person. Brian