How to Sync calendar in family

Avatar Georgia Cheer
Hi All,
I’m in Florida again…
What is the method to link calendar dates so I can teach him to put his appointments in the calendar, and I can see it too. Or others in my family. Or I can put appointments on his calendar remotely. I’m afraid I’m brain weary so any simple links or explanations would be appreciated. Thank you!

Re: How to Sync calendar in family

Avatar Mick Burrell
There may be a way through Family Sharing but I don't use that so can't comment. What Jane and I do is each have our own calendar and "share" it with the other. If your dad shares his calendar with you (and anyone else in the family) he will have the option to share as read only or as I suspect you want, allow others to alter or add events.

if you want his calendar on all your devices, make sure you add it to the iCloud section in your Calendar app.

Re: How to Sync calendar in family

Avatar Eleanor Spenceley
Assuming you have an iCloud Account, try this link Share iCloud calendars on Mac

Re: How to Sync calendar in family

Avatar Tony Still
Like Mick, Jane and I share each other's calendars (for the avoidance of doubt, there are two Janes).

There is a head & shoulders icon next to the calendar name in the lefthand side bar (on macOS). That lets you nominate someone to share the calendar. Having done that step, you can click on the sharer's name and select either view-only or View&Edit. The latter would seem to meet your need.

I think you need to move the calendar to iCloud if it's not already there. It's easy but just make sure you make the iCloud copy the only copy or you may get duplicated entries.