A new scam attempt?

Avatar Michael Corgan
Just had a text to my iPhone purporting to come from Deliveroo stating that they have placed a temporary restriction on my Deliveroo account and I should update my account details. A couple of things make me feel that this might just be a scam - firstly I have no Deliveroo account, secondly that the text is shown as coming from a mobile telephone number. Going via my Mac (in some trepidation) to the email address on which I was to update my details I found no such address. Trying a little more boldly to click the link in the email - same result. Not much of a scam?

Re: A new scam attempt?

Avatar Lionel Ogden
You have proved to the scammer that you exist and that you respond to invitations to click a link. Take care when you receive another Deliveroo email.