BTW speed test

Avatar Lionel Ogden
I have been getting a very exaggerated result on this test which ISPs tend to use as reference.

It shows that I have a download speed of 274 Mbps and an upload of 18.4 Mbps. It would be quite good if it were true but other speed tests show a download of 70Mbps. and also an upload of 18.6.

I queried this with my ISP but got no response, anyone any ideas for the discrepancy and has anyone had the same experience with the BTW test.

Re: BTW speed test

Avatar Mick Burrell
I don't know how they achieve this (if I'm right), but my guess would be that the BT test is testing the physical capabilities of the line whereas others go through your ISP who "throttle" the line speed down to the service you pay for.

Re: BTW speed test

Avatar Euan Williams
40-odd years ago I had the amazing insight to buy a home very close to the main BT 'phone exchange here :))

TalkTalk report estimated speed on my current basic Broadband: 3-11 Mbps
The measured speed is reported as 21 Mbps.

Happily as "a faithful TT customer", this Friday the basic broadband speed is to be upgraded (free of charges) to 35 Fibre which is supposed to double the speed. The new modem has already arrived.

If not too wildly faint with heat and excitement I hope to report (smugly) on the new actual speed in due course when it has settled down.

Re: BTW speed test

Avatar Derek Wright
Euan - If you go to the SamKnows web site you can register to have a SamKnows device attached to your phone line which will measure the service of your phone line. I have been running the SamKnows device for many years and get a track of the service of the line.

An example is here:

If you go to


you can probably find out how to request a White Box to monitor your Broadband service.


Re: BTW speed test

Avatar Lionel Ogden
I do not know whether they measure the actual possible speed of the line but when I used this service a year or so ago it gave me a speed similar to the ookla speed test. Perhaps they have changed how they do their test. Interesting but not much use to me at the moment