Scam - Hammersmith Police Station

Avatar Lionel Ogden
I was intrigued the other day to receive a phone call From someone alleging to be a police sergeant at Hammersmith telling me that they had couple of people in custody who had the same surname as me and they had been arrested trying to access my bank account. Something didn't seem quite right with the call even though they mentioned my full name and address. However when I started to ask some pertinent questions the call was terminated.

I checked on Google and sure enough this was a scam and the next instruction would have been to enter my full bank details and access pin etc.etc. so they could verify the crime.

We occasionally get the "We are going disconnect your BT account". type of scam which is easy to recognise, but this was particularly cunning and made us wary that next time we might not recognise the scam.

Re: Scam - Hammersmith Police Station

Avatar David Fleetwood
Thanks for the warning Lionel