DVD Copying.

Avatar Drew McFarlane
Suggestions please on how to put a DVD film on a SD Card or Memory Stick using a MacBookPro/Air

I have a couple of my own DVD's that I would like to transfer onto a SD Card or Memory stick to enable me to play on a MacBookPro/Air. Never having done this before I would be grateful for advice please.

Re: DVD Copying.

Avatar Lionel Ogden
Can you just drag the DVD image onto the memory stick or SD card image?

Re: DVD Copying.

Avatar Drew McFarlane
I must admit Lionel, I haven't tried that yet. I am willing to try anything.

Re: DVD Copying.

Avatar Tony Still
"DVD" can mean a multitude of things. Assuming this is a non-copy-protected DVD containing video, I suggest Handbrake.*

This will likely be able to read the (presumed video) files and transcode (convert) them into something that Quicktime Player on the Mac can use. You can then copy them around like any other file to a memory stick or whatever.

*This is Handbrake's own website. Don't download it from anywhere else as it has in the past been modified by third-parties to include free extras that you really don't want.

Re: DVD Copying.

Avatar Euan Williams
Drew, sorry for Christmas delayed response.

Assuming you burned the DVD with Apple's software (iDVD), if you open the DVD icon to see its contents you are likely to see two folders:
Audio_TS and Video_TS.

The Video_TS is the folder for videos, including videos with a soundtrack. The Audio_TS may be empty.

Inside that folder you will see:
etc. as above

and finally

The last two, _1.VOB and _2.VOB or more if there are a series) will have much the largest file size, perhaps 1.00GB each, and are sections in the DVD recording.

VTS_01_0.VOB is likely the introduction to the DVD and is maybe 25-35MB
the following one(s) are the "meat" of your video and also contain the soundtrack, if any. These are the files you probably need to copy to your thumb drive from which they should play successfully without hiccup buffering, especially if it's a fast USB3 thumb drive.

If you want to also copy both the Audio_TS and Video_TS folders with contents that can do no harm, but I only bother with the "meat" files as the rest are concerned with DVD presentation.

Hope this is useful.

Re: DVD Copying.

Avatar Drew McFarlane
Thank you to all for your assistance, mission accomplished.

Re: DVD Copying.

Avatar Lionel Ogden
Don't leave us in suspense, please tell how you did it.

Re: DVD Copying.

Avatar Drew McFarlane
I wish I could Lionel, I failed miserably.

A friend of a friends friend, friends friend, came to the rescue and did it for me. I have asked how it was done, but am still waiting for a reply. if I ever find out I will let you know.