A Leopard and Snow Leopard update question

Avatar Derek Wright
This is a question raised on camera forum I inhabit, if anyone can give any comments I would be grateful as well as the person with the problem.

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Have attempted to instal new HD into an Macbook Pro from 2008/9. Installed the original Leopard OS from the DVD disk drive without issues - BUT - when going through the update from OS Snow Leopard CD the problem rears its ugly head.

Step 1: Start up from HD - insert the Snow Leopard CD which goes through the instal process indicating it is being installed to the Mac OS X HD.

Step 2: When asked where to instal, the search brings up a blank. Refer to Disk Installer - which shows only the internal DVD Disk drive plus the Snow Leopard Instal disk.???

At this point I am unable to continue as the 'Mac OS X HD' appears to have become non-existent.

Reformatting the HD and installing the original Leopard OS via the DVD Disk drive works OK?

Can anyone throw some light on what I'm missing regards the update instal process? Ultimately, looking to update OS to El Capitan which should be possible once Snow Leoprd is up and running.

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Thanks for any help

Re: A Leopard and Snow Leopard update question

Avatar Mick Burrell
I'm fairly sure you're supposed to start from the install CD (hold down C at startup) to install. Not sure why you'd install Leopard first either - as you have the Snow Leopard CD, why not format the internal hard drive from that (using the utilities on the CD) and then run the installer?

If he/she is really starting from internal then trying to install, the CDs won't install on the startup disc - hence the need to start from the CD

Re: A Leopard and Snow Leopard update question

Avatar Derek Wright
Thanks Mick I will pass on the message.