Apple TV+

Avatar Richard I
Apparently, I am entitled to 1 year free subscription of Apple TV+. All I have to do is remember to unsubscribe at the end of the year!

But, is it worth the trouble?

How much free content is there, and is the free stuff just drivel?

I assume you have to pay on top for movies or content from other sources, like Amazon or Disney.

May I have your opinion/ experience?

Re: Apple TV+

Avatar Tony Still
Opinion only, based on reading about Apple's productions and looking at the trailers (available to all on Apple TV [device]): The quality looks good, the quantity is small. They seem to have a few series, mostly drama; a couple that I would certainly like to watch.

I think the series are detailed on Apple's website too.

Re: Apple TV+

Avatar Drew McFarlane
I signed up last week for a quick look and was 100% disappointed with what they had to offer. Not a lot.

Yes, all films have to be paid for.