Subjective Phone Screen Brightness

Avatar Rick Churchill
I thought it worth starting a new topic just about screen brightness rather than 5G.

I’ve done more screen brightness tests in PC World with the iPhone 4S, 6, 11, 11 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy J5. Why the 4S? I noticed at home that, surprisingly the 4S was much brighter than the 6! The 6 was produced at the time that Apple was pushing “the thinnest iPhone ever” at the detriment of battery power and they probably reduced the screen consumption to cope. Now they’ve forgotten about thin phones thank goodness.

SO, I found the 11 Pro the brightest, the J5 and 11 are about the same (although I suspect the J5 OMLED screen has better contrast), then came the 4S slightly less bright and at the bottom the 6.

(This is all to justify the purchase of an iPhone 11)