Avatar Drew McFarlane
I am looking for recommendations please as to what USB-C Hub is best to use with a 2019 MacBook Pro. I have read through many reviews and watched YouTube videos all of which are conflicting. I would prefer one that is attached to the computer with a small cable rather than the type that is connected by a USB-C plug.

Re: USB-C Hub

Avatar Derek Wright
I have a USB-C to many connector block that I use with my 2017 Mac Pro. It has a name of Juiced I bought it offf the US Amazon as a result of asking for suggestions on the Apple Web site discussion section.

It looks very similar to the other makes of adapter so I would not be surprised if they were not all made in the same factory and had different labels printed on them to accomodate the name of the distributor in the west.

However - I have bought additional single function adapters so that I can have a simple setup for when the MacBook is being used at home.

A USBc to Ethernet socket to connect to the network cable.
A Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-II too USBc SD card reader for use with the very fast SD cards - It reads in the images many times faster that the card reader does on the "Juiced" adapter.

Hope this helps

The Juiced adapter comes into its own when I am backing up the image files to two seperate USB drives for back up purposes. It has three USB sockets.

The adapter has done sterling work at AUGW meetings enabling various projectors to be connected to a USBc computer.

It does get quite warm when it is being used.

Re: USB-C Hub

Avatar Drew McFarlane
Thank you for replying Derek, greatly appreciated.

I am not an Amazon fan however I may have to bite the bullet and place an order unless I can source one locally.