apple warning

Avatar Jenny Beck
I have received two warning emails in the last day stating that I have requested a reset of my apple password, and if I did not do this ( which I have not done) there is a link to reset the password. Is this a scam or should I click on the link and reset my password?
If anyone can advise please let me know!

Re: apple warning

Avatar Mick Burrell

If there's any doubt and you wish to reset your password or just check if there's a problem with the account, use Safari (or Firefox, Chrome as you prefer) to type in the normal address of the company involved - amazon.co.uk, btinternet.com or in this case apple.com. That way you know you're going to the correct site and not a bogus one. Once there you can navigate to the part dealing with your account details. That will still be fine even if the email were genuine.

I'm guessing that had you clicked the link, you'd have been asked to put in your existing password to verify. That's what they want. With that, unless you've turned on two factor authentication, they can log into your account and have access to the card details stored there.