iMovie - The 4 Tops won't Walk Away (Renee)

Avatar Rick Churchill
Unlike third party software I never seem quite in control of Apple’s “free” software. I use iMovie and when opening the latest version it had files already loaded of the Four Tops (an American pop group). I don’t know why, perhaps Apple thought I would enjoy looking at Four Tops clips.
Anyway I deleted this media, added my skiing clips and made a video. Strangely there is no “Save” or “Save as..” command in the menus but there is a Projects button that closes the project. Somewhere I named/renamed the project "Skiing 2019" but whenever the project is opened and I want to render a file It inserts “Four Tops IIWAC” as the file name which I have to change. It will not use the Project name.
Who will rid me of this troublesome quartet?

Re: iMovie - The 4 Tops won't Walk Away (Renee)

Avatar Trevor Hewson
I've never got to grips with iMovie since they radically re-designed it a few years back. The basic concepts of clips, libraries, projects etc. seem to have become mangled and as for trying to keep track of what is filed where. . .

I've got a few more clips that I'd like to upload and link from my website but the twin hurdles of grappling with iMovie's interface and Vimeo having introduced a limit to how much you can store for free (and telling me I'm already over it) have meant I haven't summoned up the effort to tackle the task.

I haven't been hit with the Four Tops yet though!

Re: iMovie - The 4 Tops won't Walk Away (Renee)

Avatar Eric Jervis
I think iMovie HD was the easiest version to use, I hate all these clever dick 'improvements' that remove all the usefullness from an app. Most of these upgrades are not designed for our benefit, but to render our existing machines obsolescent when there are years of life left in them. (but I am a bit of a luddite).

Re: iMovie - The 4 Tops won't Walk Away (Renee)

Avatar Tony Still
Apple had a design direction a few years ago (now, it seems, forgotten) to banish 'Save' as a manual function. This led to the document versions as a smart auto-save and also to the abolition of 'Save As' (thankfully reversed in a few weeks as users pointed out use cases like freezing issues of documents that Apple has somehow overlooked).

iMovie is a child of that era and just stuffs everything into its library. You may have concerns about separating clips that can never appear in the same movie, or the size of the overall video collection, or doing some backup other than Time Machine but they're not well addressed.

Further reading is at the table of charges for iCloud storage 😉.