Loss of email connection

Avatar John Shores
I have had recent problems with email, it has now got serious.
It began with the iPhone, I could receive but not send emails. Dialogue box came up saying... "Unable to send mail, recipient was rejected by server"

Then the iPad come up with another box.... "Server will not accept username or password".

Finally my desk top, after asking me to enter the password, said.. " Unable to verify account name or password."

I can not send or get mail now.

I have used the same server and settings for 8 or 9 years. I recently upgraded to 10.14.2
My iPhone somehow recently changed from POP to Imap, which I don't want.

Any ideas will be welcome. Thanks. John Shores

Re: Loss of email connection

Avatar Roy Rainford
I had a similar issue John. See my recent entry. Apple support were surprised that I was using a POP account. They recommended using an IMAP one.

Re: Loss of email connection

Avatar Lionel Ogden
I had a similar problem in that I could not send from any device. I contacted my ISP (Plusnet) who on checking discovered that I had been randomly assigned an IP address which had been blocked for being used by another user for sending large amounts of spam. I do not have a fixed IP address. They assigned me a fresh IP address and then everything started working again.

In the course of the investigation I discovered that I could send via googlemail, it was just my Plusnet mail server that was affected.

Re: Loss of email connection

Avatar Tony Still
If the account has changed from POP to IMAP, some of the server settings are likely to need changing as well. You'll need to get the full set of info from the provider's (probably your ISP) website and check that all of them are correct in your device. I suggest doing this on your iPhone as this is the most likely candidate for scrambled settings.

You should ensure that you have your account password somewhere safe (I use paper!) before you start changing things. If you don't have it, you may be able to find it in your Mac's Keychain (use Keychain Utility/Keychain Access.

If you don't want an IMAP account, I suspect you'll have to delete the details on your iPhone and recreate them from scratch (I may be wrong about that), hence the importance of harvesting the password. It's worth checking whether your provider has discontinued POP: that is another possible reason for the whole problem. However, where you are now I suggest first trying to restore E-Mail on your phone using IMAP - you can always change it back later.

If you have an urgent need to access E-Mail, your provider may supply a web mail interface on their website.

Re: Loss of email connection

Avatar John Shores
Thanks for your replies and ideas, some of which I have acted upon without
much change.
My present situation is, my iPad is receiving and sending emails as it should but the mini and iPhone cannot as the server will not accept signals from them.
I am now in constant touch with the trouble shooters who seem to be working toward a solution. I hope.
They are requiring me to make an MTR test between here and the server. I am looking into that.
Will keep you posted.