Video clip into Keynote from Youtube

Avatar Carole Brown
Please can anybody help me with getting a small video clip from you tube into a Keynote presentation - my talk is at short notice - this coming Tuesday 29th Feb!
I am quite inexperienced in keynote, so an explanation would have to be very simple please if there is one.
Many thanks

Re: Video clip into Keynote from Youtube

Avatar Euan Williams
Not sure whether you have the YT clip on your ?Mac or if you are trying to 'acquire' a clip in the first place. Keynote makes it simple to add a video clip to a presentation, see Keynote Help under 'add video and audio'.

Quicktime Player can record either the whole screen or just an area of the screen, (see QTP Help files) - but the sound quality (if you need audio) is compromised as QT uses the Mac speakers and microphone which makes the audio very squeaky.

For best results the excellent "Capto" (not free) is very effective and uses the internal audio feed which ensures normal sound quality.