Missing Font

Avatar John Marriott
Having downloaded Mojave I seem to have lost one of my favourite Fonts, namely Apple Chancery. It shows in the Font Book that it is installed but scrolling down in Pages it is not there and I cannot find a method to install it from the Font Book because it tells me that it is installed.
Can anyone help please.
John Marriott

Re: Missing Font

Avatar Derek Wright
I do not have the font on Mojave nor do I have it on El Capitain (that being the only other OS I can get to without standing up)

However a Google of Apple Chancery gave me a selection of web sites including
Apple chancery site

I downloaded it and it appears to work and print in Textedit. So give it a go. Perhaps that is where you got it from originaly.

Re: Missing Font

Avatar Tony Still
Apple Chancery is a standard Mojave font so something has had a little hiccup.

Apple advises the following (from Font Book's Help):

Restore fonts that came with your Mac using Font Book

You can restore the fonts that were originally included with your Mac. This may be useful if you’re having issues with Font Book. Restoring the standard fonts moves any fonts you’ve installed into a separate folder, which makes them unavailable to use in apps.

In the Font Book app on your Mac, choose File > Restore Standard Fonts.

Any fonts you’ve installed are placed in /Library/Fonts (Removed) or in ~/Library/Fonts (Removed). To install those fonts again, just reinstall them.

I'm personally not as brave as Derek, downloading a file of unknown provenance so I would go this way.

Re: Missing Font

Avatar John Marriott
Have tried restore standard fonts and the dialogue box tells me no problems encountered. Although Apple Chancery is shown in the list of installed fonts it does not appear in the list of available fonts when I try to use it in a Pages document - it just isn't there! It clearly shows in the Fonts Book as being installed but I just cannot seem to be able to use it in any of my applications😕

Re: Missing Font

Avatar John Marriott
Hi all - problem solved by an alternative method as follows:-
Open the app, in this case Pages - under menu bar go to Format and select Font and click on show all Fonts. The Font box then shows and low and behold Apple Chancery shows under Recently Used - click on the font and it immediately shows in the app. and furthermore it is now retained at the top of the Font list in the app.
Thanks to all🙂