Contacts are escaping to Google

Avatar Rick Churchill
Recently I tried synching an android phone with my address book on my Macbook. Then I spent several days unscrambling my Mac contacts. Names, telephone numbers and addresses were “rearranged”. I deleted all the contacts which resided in the side panel under “Google” and added them back to those in “On My Mac” and corrected those which were faulty. Eventually everything was working correctly.

Today I tried to phone someone from my car only to find no entry under that name and when I looked at my contacts a proportion were missing. On the Macbook I found these had mysteriously moved under the Google heading and no longer were showing under the On My Mac heading. The only synching I had done was with the iPhone and iPad not with any android phone. Incidentally the iPad is still unaffected.

I have a Gmail account on both devices but only the Gmail app on my iPhone.

Is there an easy way of moving the contacts back to On My Mac with out retyping them? How can I stop this reoccurring?

Re: Contacts are escaping to Google

Avatar Tony Still
It sounds like Google has moved all the details onto their servers from local storage on your Mac. Time Machine might help in the restoration? If you have them on your iPad, you could also try moving them into iCloud and thence to the Mac. It's gamble leaving them on iCloud since Google might grab them from there too so you might be wise to then revert to local storage on the Apple machines.

Address formatting is a complex area, it's worth checking whether you have your Google account set to UK formatting (no, I have no idea how to do that).

To stop it reoccurring, I suggest using an iPhone.