New (to me) BT Open Reach Scam

Avatar Mick Burrell
I've just heard from a lady who was contacted by someone saying they were from BT Open Reach, wanting to check her internet speed. He asked if she was using a Mac and as she was, transferred her straight away to his supervisor. (The lady said she should have been suspicious at that point - with BT she'd have expected to be on hold for at least ten minutes!) The supervisor asked her to run the Terminal app and type in a command which she remembers as ending in "stat" which I believe gives information about files. At that point, she turned off her machine and hung up the phone.

I'm convinced BT Open Reach would know what speed broadband they were supplying but never, I'll repeat, never allow anyone to access your machine using the Terminal app. I often joke it's appropriately named but it can be terminal in the wrong hands. (Terminal is a useful tool for UNIX geeks who know far more than me but want to access the very depths of their Mac in ways that nothing else can.)