A problem with Mail

Avatar Michael Corgan
Clive Whaley, who many of you may remember for his excellent talk at Dorchester on using the iPhone to create (in his case) stunning photos, is experiencing the following problem. Can anyone help? I will pass on your replies!

He wrote:
I have used Apple Mail for years and have always had deleted messages set to Erase automatically after ‘one week’.

For months now this ‘auto erase’ feature has ceased to work and I have searched Apple Support and other online stuff without any sensible answer.

I”m using a MacBook Pro (15 inch mid 2014) with OS 10.13.6

Re: A problem with Mail

Avatar Mick Burrell
The missing information is whether he's using POP or IMAP. I suspect the latter and if so it's probably because his email provider isn't playing nicely with Apple Mail snd not deleting when his Mac tells it to.