Dorchester — Jul 12th 2022

Paul showed us Kamoot, a mapping system aimed at cyclists. He started by showing routes he had cycled with photos taken at various stops on the journeys creating a very visual diary. In addition to the detail mapping of the route, all the physical data, speeds, changes in altitudes etc is recorded, linked in his case via his Bosch Kiox a neat trip computer which clips to the handlebars allowing his iPhone to be stowed. The basic app comes free with a single region, additional regions cost £3.99, a mixed bundle for £8.99 and World version for £29.99.

David then ran through a presentation he had made for the Fareham group on Apple Maps and about which, in the process, he had learned or been reminded about many features he thought worth sharing. One of the most useful feature is the ability to share your ETA with other people.

Trevor showed how you can use WhatsApp to share your location. He does with his wife so can see when to put on the kettle on as she approaches home! On WhatsApp Chat, click on the + at side of dialogue box and chose Location and Share Live Location.

This lead appropriately into the features of Apple’s Find My App which has a similar feature but limited to IOS and is not cross platform. This is under the People tab where you can offer to share your location with other Apple users. The Devices tab shows the location of you Macs, IOS devices and Watch(s) all of course assuming they are registered and logged onto your iCloud Account. Select an item and chose Play Sound is a useful way of finding a mislaid iPad or Phone e.g. hiding under s newspaper. The Item tab relates to Apple Tags.

Mick explained how Apple Tags work by sharing their location within any apple device near and passing by coordinated by iCloud. He showed how to setup a new tag and how to use the App to locate a tag and all the more accurately if you have a iPhone 11 or more recent. Mick reassured us that if someone were to try and track you with a tag, your phone will notice the presence of a tag not registered to you and after a time will notify you of its presence including sound. But as long as the tag is still in direct contact with its registered owner it will not alert you e.g if sitting close to someone with an AirTag on a train journey.

On writing up these notes, I see we never covered the final tab Me.


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