Dorchester — May 10th 2022

We were rather a small group for Dorchester with just 10 members present. Mick demonstrated how to create a Database in Numbers and in this instance he had used the IOS, iPad, version demonstrating that whilst a little more obtuse than the Mac , it nevertheless has all the same capabilities which are very comprehensive. The example database was about the storage and monitoring of food product - Mick does not like broccoli! Those of us locked in to Excel had to concede that Numbers is more than adequate for all our requirements.

We spent some time trying to resolve why Ann Evan’s photos taken on her iPhone were not reaching her Mac and iPad. Whilst the Mac and iPad were using iCloud Photos the iPhone was only set to use PhotoStream, but we established her photos were not even reaching the cloud. Mick speculated whether Apple had now dropped Photo Stream. Alarmingly, when Ann attempted turned on iCloud Photos on he iPhone she got the somewhat ominous warning. “Photos and videos synced from Finder will be removed. Syncing photos via Finder is not supported when iCloud photos is turned on.” We concluded best to import photos from iPhone to Mac before proceeding to turning on iCloud Photos. David Chaplin had also raised some questions about multiple Photos Libraries and we agreed to make the Photos App the subject for the June meeting.

To end we selected feature of Apple Continuity, Handoff, Universal Clipboard, iPhone Mobile Calls, Focus and AirPlay to Mac. We will look at others as time allows at future meetings


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