Dorchester — Mar 8th 2022

We had a good turnout of 17 plus a guest and just about fitted into the Newbury, our regular room full of Bee Keepers. David M demonstrated what he considers to be the benefits of using iCloud Keychain across Macs and IOS devices and Keychain Access, Mac OS only which includes iCloud Keychain but shows more information such as WiFi passwords. He uses Secure Notes in KeyChain Access only accessible on the Mac where created.

We had lively Q&A before taking a break, after which, following on from his talk about making moves in iMovie, Euan showed how to capture a screen recording. Whilst this can be done in Quicktime, to catch the computer sound direct Euan explained that you need to add software such as that offered by This includes a very good video tuition on how to set it up and use. However Euan recommended that a simpler solution is Capto available from the App Store. Capto will capture screen shots, movies with sound or sound only. On their website they are currently offering a single license at a 40% discount reducing the price to £11.99. Euan gave a brief demonstration, capturing a movie with sound playing on his computer. He was able to export the resulting Movie to .mov or MP4, which played as well as the original


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Derek Wright said…

I have used Capto to record some Zoom activity lasting aprox 40 minutes.
However on Playback the sound and picture do not stay synchronised, the picture lags the sound quite a bit. This occured when playing back the recording with Quicktime.
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