Salisbury — Jul 26th 2022

With a number of members having travel plans disrupted or other matters requiring attention, this meeting had a smaller than usual attendance. A group of 6 of us were present as Brian gave a fascinating insight into how he could use Keynote to produce animated and layered effects that gave a unique insight into how this application could be used to produce not just presentations but also enhanced videos with animation of inanimate objects, birthday and other forms of greeting cards.

Previously taken videos (such as one of Brian's favourite steam trains) could have titles and commentary added. He had also found it possible to take a live video with the camera on an iPhone or iPad and use this for creating a presentation with Keynote on his computer, providing that the devices were wirelessly connected on the same network.

Rather than using standard backgrounds, many of those shown were from images of household items such as lino, carpet and tinfoil.

Visual 3D effects were possible using multiple layering of static objects combined with other objects moving along defined paths.


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