Salisbury — Jun 28th 2022

This meeting, attended by ten members and two guests, was devoted to the iPad. All the iPad owners had been asked to bring
their iPads to the meeting.

Barry commenced by outlining the many changes that the iPad had gone through since it first appeared in 2010. There have
been 9 generations of the iPad, 6 of the iPad Mini, 5 of the iPad Air and 5 of the iPad Pro. Of these 25 different versions, iPads
launched from 2017 onwards, iPad Minis from 2019, iPad Airs from 2018 and iPad Pros from 2017 are current as they use
versions or 1OS that are still supported.

With the use of both an older iPad with a Home button and a more recent iPad Pro (no Home button) Barry showed how to
move between the various iPad screens, and how to sleep, wake, shut down and restart these tablets. He showed how to
quickly access the Control Center (a feature since OS 7) and briefly explained the functions of the included apps. A
demonstration of how to take a screen shot was aften, and David Moon showed how the screen shot could be edited and the
new version saved. The unaltered original, if not required further, could then be discarded without saving.

Printing from the iPad, using the special, multipurpose icon was explained.

The various ways multitasking could be undertaken - from the early versions which really used sequential accessing of apps -
through to a simple split screen technique, and now to the greatly enhanced use of sliding windows utilising the "three dots"
icon found at the top of many app screens was shown to the audience and members spent some time practising these
techniques as well as the early and simpler later version of cursor control obtained via a long finger press on the space bar or
the on-screen kevboard - a useful function for text editing.

Barry demonstrated the use of facial recognition, a feature which for him, had made the launching or many
apps that required login credentials a very quick and easy matter. He also showed his use of an iPad-specific protective case, which woke or put to sleep his iPad Pro as the cover was closed or or opened. This case also acted as a stand with a number of configurations for easy viewing or the screen.

The remainder of the meeting was taken up with a number of individual and joint sessions in helping members to obtain the
maximum benefit trom all the techniques that had been demonstrated


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