Dorchester — Oct 12th 2021

For our second post-Lockdown meeting at the Colliton Club is was great to have 23 people attending including members from outside of Dorchester and three visitors.
David ran through several of the new features in the latest release of IOS & iPadOS 15.0 already now 15.0.2. Whilst superficially there seems little change, once you start to look in detail this really is a major upgrade but quite a lot of it depends on having more modern devices with a minimum of the Apple A12 Bionic Chip. David showed various go these features via KeyNote with Live Text, built in OCR probably the most useful to members. iPadOS 15 includes an new way of setting up split a floating windows and this was easier demonstrated live, emphasising a point David made at the start of his presentation; namely that many of the features are unlikely to be of much benefit to us mostly senior citizens but better to know about them as they can be triggered unexpectedly.
For the second session we sat back and watched the excellent video produced by Ordinance Survey and recommended by John Lemon showing how to use and enjoy the very growing features of OSMaps, particularly if paying the annual subscription of £25.00. (David paid £25.99 via the App Store). Several members are already enthusiastic users of the App and highlighted various features beneficial to them.


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