Salisbury — Oct 26th 2021

The meeting was once again held upstairs in The Pheasant Inn's Shoemakers Hall. After a small group sampled the extensive evening menu downstairs, nine members and two guests enjoyed a detailed illustrated talk by David Moon on the Apple Watch; time-keeping is clearly the least exciting function of this extra-ordinary device which can now measure a number of medically-relevant functions, act in many ways as a small readily accessible iPhone and, as David showed us, can even, at a distance of many miles, link with visual equipment at home to keep a watching brief on his front door.

There followed an illustrated session by Barry on some of his favourite hardware and software (and some non-computer favourites) and then Euan showed a short video which demonstrated the impact that the new Apple chips have had on the ability of Apple desktops and laptops to undertake extreme memory-intensive programming with ease.

Future meetings will continue to be held at this venue.


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Brian Tapper said…

Thank you Barry, a very interesting meeting with well presented subjects.
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