Online — May 4th 2021

By popular request, John Lemon gave a reprise of his talk on ViewRanger he first presented four years ago. At that time, you could download maps or just portions of maps to the device you'd be taking with you to guide you on your pre-planned route by foot or bike. However, lots has happened since then, principally that ViewRanger has been bought by German company OutdoorActive. The takeover has not worked to John's liking, not because of the subscription model but because of the situation with mapping.

Because of this, John is moving to the OS app and showed us how his early exploration has proved very positive with planning routes and displaying them on screen, including an impressive "flyover" feature to view your route as you would walk (or cycle) it. The app give access to the OS maps - 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 that you'd use for these activities plus larger scale ones.

Here are two useful links:
YouTube Intro
Sign in for OS Maps

At the end of the presentation, Graham Bone showed us a fascinating site where you can overlay historic maps onto any area to see what it used to be like. (Link will appear here soon).


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Brian Tapper said…

Thank you John, this was a very interesting and informative presentation.
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