Online — Feb 9th 2021

This talk was solely for iOS users - how to use the Shortcuts app. Trevor took us through several of the many supplied shortcuts and how to adapt them to your own version to do what you want. We looked through the various categories and at the workings of some that Trevor had already changed and a brief look at how to set one up from scratch. He also went through how shortcuts can be added, either as a single, a block of four or a block of eight, as a widget on the Home Screen or as an individual as an icon on the Home Screen.

The discussion that followed revolved around trying to make a shortcut do something Trevor hadn't managed but after trying several ideas unsuccessfully, we came to the conclusion that like Automator on the Mac, it's tricky if not impossible to get a shortcut to perform an action Apple hadn't planned. (In case you want to try, we need a shortcut to quit a particular app. Answer below please!)


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Brian Tapper said…

Thank you Trevor, I have had a look at Shortcuts and found that I it was easier than I thought to use them, I'm sorting out he ones i will use more frequently.
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