Online — Nov 24th 2020

We were flying high tonight (sorry!). Rick Churchill uses iMovie for, well, movies but finds the titles it can add a bit limiting so showed us how to create a title in Keynote, animate it then add it to iMovie.

Doing it this way you have the full range of fonts, colours and effects available in Keynote and Rick's choice was to use main title in yellow with a blue border and subtitle text in dark blue. He was able to make these appear and after his predetermined length of time, disappear - with a crumbling action. This was then exported as a movie and imported into iMovie where he was able to position titles at the start and credits at the end with transitions - fades and dissolves as required for a professional effect.

Once his presentation finished we requested he show us the finished movie in its entirety - a flight simulation "Flying Over Poole".


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Drew McFarlane said…

Thank you Rick fo a well rehearsed, well presented excellent evening. My only disappointment was, having fished out of Poole for well over 20 years I failed to pick out any of the landmarks. I have only seen them from a boat, never from the air??? I put this down to failing eye sight not your presentation. Well done.
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