Online — Sep 15th 2020

Once again, Tony came up with a different and interesting topic for our fortnightly meeting - Font Book. It's on all our Macs but few of us have any experience of it.

Tony started off by telling us the different types of fonts we may encounter - specifically Open Type, True Type and Postscript. The job of Font Book is to allow you to see and manage the fonts on your machine. It can show you a sample of each font as well as allowing you to install or remove fonts or check fonts for errors. He took us through the basic use of Font Book explaining where fonts you download can be stored. One important point Tony stressed is that whilst it's possible to manually place fonts somewhere on your machine, it's far safer to allow Font Book to do it for you.

Font Book will also allow you resolve font issues and check files for errors before you install a font. In all, a worthwhile app which will allow good control if you need it but work entirely in the background if you don't!

if you want more fonts, ask Euan he can point you to some very good sites for downloads.


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