Online — Sep 1st 2020

We've all heard the term "Haptic Touch" but do we know what it means? David Parnell took us through what it means, what it does and why it replaced the previous 3D Touch. Whereas 3D Touch was designed to tell how hard you press, Haptic Touch works on how long you press.

David showed us how to turn it on (or off) and then various useful tips for using it with different applications. We weren't able to confirm it's iPhone only - most iPads being used did not have it but the iPad Pro may so if you can't get it to work on your iPad, it may not be you! David's most useful tip (as far as he was concerned) is the use of the space bar as a tiny trackpad for moving the cursor around text.


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Judith Smith said…

Thank you for a very interesting talk, left us with plenty of useful things to 'play' with.

Drew McFarlane said…

An excellent presentation, full of useful and informative information.

Thank you David.

Roy Rainford said…

Interesting, helpful and enlightening. Didn't realise I had such 'magic' at my fingertips! Thank you David.
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