Online — Aug 4th 2020

John Hooper was in the chair for this meeting and took us through his efforts to go paperless - at least keeping or using less paper if not eliminating it completely. His method is to scan documents using the Notes app on his phone and then transfer them to his Mac into a filing system that makes it easy to find them. His did a live demonstration of the scanning process pointing out how the app will automatically straighten up your scan if you haven't held the phone perfectly parallel to the document.

There followed questions about the merits of jpg or pdf files for this together with various tweaks that could be used. We then went on to a general Q&A session dealing with sent mail not going into the sent box (it had really!) and why some perfectly innocuous mail was naked as junk despite efforts to stop it.


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Drew McFarlane said…

An excellent meeting of two halves. Thank you John for your presentation, to Roy for an interesting question, and Mick for solving it.

Roy Rainford said…

Interesting with useful tips from John plus a much appreciated answer to my mail query.
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