Online — Jul 21st 2020

Another polished presentation by Tony looking this time at colour. He looked in detail at the Colour Picker that appears in most apps when you're choosing a colour and in detail at the tabs along the top giving different ways of selecting one. New to several of the audience were the small pane at the bottom of the picker, visible in all tabs, where you can store frequently used colours for consistency and the palette tab where you can create a palette for a project and save it should the project need alteration in future. I assume Tony has a Keynote palette so all his presentations follow his chosen colour scheme.

Tony also touched briefly on the eye-dropper tool which can "pick up" any colour from your screen and show its colour values in both decimal and hexadecimal and also on complimentary colours (that work well together) that you find opposite each other on the colour wheel. If you ever wanted to be more adventurous with your colour choice, you should have joined us!


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Brian Tapper said…

Thank you Tony for for presentation on colours, it was very interesting and i learned a few more thing about colours.
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