Online — Jun 9th 2020

Stuart took great pains to walk us through some fairly technical stuff, explaining how all our devices, Mac, iPads & iPhones are based on the same kernel called Darwin. This was launched with OS X in 2001. Macs had worked by developing the Classic systems up to OS 9 but to progress further, Apple needed to either buy in an OS (which they considered) or start with a clean sheet of paper. At launch, OS X had a new user interface too - Aqua.

Stuart then went on to explain the progression through use of Motorola chips and then the transition to Intel as the OS advanced to the current version, Catalina. We were treated to a short video of Steve Jobs announcing OS X and yes, he did slip in a "one more thing".

I can only speak for myself but Stuart made an excellent job of dealing with the technical, laying out a logical timeline yet still managed to fit it into a sensible time frame.


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Brian Tapper said…

Thank you Stuart for this interesting session, with good explaintion of a very complex subject with twist and turns of the Apple story.
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