Online — May 26th 2020

Probably the most hilarious presentation we've ever had! Let me explain. John Ansell has created a web site for his grandchildren to draw on, working together from wherever they are in the world. He talked us through the thought processes and how he went about it but then allowed the AUGWessex "grandchildren" to have a go and that's where it descended into hilarious chaos!

One or two were able to display their artistic talents whilst others created drawings which - and I have to be tactful, they may read this - you could mistake for the work of very young grandchildren! We had things like a very acceptable frog but then someone else put a hat on it. There was a mug shot which may have appeared in peoples' nightmares, especially when someone put pink hair on it. A fighter plane was drawn with some skill and a debate followed as to whether it was a Hurricane or a Mustang. In short, everyone took the opportunity to use their devices for what I'll just call "less serious" purposes.

If John's grandchildren get as much fun out of it as we did, they're in for a good time.


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