Dorchester — Jan 14th 2020

To start the year, David M showed some some of the more surprising editable features of Apple’s vector Clip Art including how make a window frame round a video, and modify, add to, and subtract from shapes.

Euan gave a full demonstration of NeoFinder (was CDFinder) which quickly catalogs and manages your entire media and disk library. It is a much more fully featured version of the Mac Finder which can potentially provide a huge amount of detail from your data and media both “on line” (connected to your Mac) and offline (not connected) for all your other storage devices, CDs, memory sticks etc. NeoFinder can be run at a very simple level or as sophisticatedly as your preferences require right down to individual folders. NeoFinder’s ability to to find tag keywords, link data, to ’geotag’ image data and find ’similar’ images across all your data devices is compelling. Data catalogues can be transferred and collected to and from other Macs, and be consulted on iPhones and iPads. Euan suggested that many people may question why they needed NeoFinder but might find out soon enough if they tried it. Free trial and videos at

Tom told us about Facebook’s Portal TV which connects to a TV providing a smart camera with microphone enabling calls on Facebook’s media apps. A whole family group sitting on a sofa can chat to friends and family at the other end. The Camera will track and follow as you move around, controlled by Alexa.

David M showed how to add Fonts missing from Font Book but available in MS Word App by going to /Applications/Microsoft He also showed the inbuilt features of the iPhone for creating live GIFs from live photographs and how to create a GIF from a Photo Burst using an IOS Shortcut. For making GIFs on Mac he showed GIF Brewery 3 App—available from the App Store.

David M finished the evening by sharing his “simple” understanding of APFS drive format and some of its benefits.


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