Beaminster — Apr 2nd 2019

13 members & 1 guest came to our April meeting to hear John Lemon summarised his own talk as follows: “Three apps and a dongle.” Perhaps a little more detail is needed to do it justice. First app was WeatherPro which is available in basic or premium form. The latter shows the weather for two weeks ahead in whichever location takes your fancy. A lot of fine detail, graphical and numeric, is available and while we didn’t fancy the snow forecast for Scotland the temperatures in the Caribbean made us envious. John did point out that hundreds of alternatives existed both free and paid for.

iClipboard was his much lamented app providing not just the one item as per the Apple offering to be stored on the clipboard but many. Lamented because it no longer works under Mojave. iClip works under Mojave and is recommended by John but being 32 bit software will cease to function come the next operating system release but there is word of an upgrade (but when?). CopyLess was suggested for those who want the security of 64 bit software now. It is relatively cheap in cost but consumes more screen space than the other options.

iPassword was recommended as an alternative to Apple’s keychain. As with so many apps it is going to become a subscription service at £40 per year (security is not cheap).

The answer to those who hanker over converting something without a Bluetooth transmitter or receiver is a device with the snappy title MPO BH2599A. It can function as either a transmitter or receiver. If you have two then you can link via Bluetooth anything that lacks this function provided it has the right interconnect.

Of course time was set aside so a few Mac/iPad problems could be solved in 1:1 sessions with the result that the talk on Notes was held over for next month.


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