Beaminster — Mar 5th 2019

Another excellent turn out of 17 members & 1 guest

Michael presented ten tips which may help members tailor their Apple equipment so it behaved exactly as they wished - for example the first screen on waking up showing the local weather. Others included finding that elusive cursor, dedicating specific key combinations to ensure that you always had ‘save as’ available and how to alter a PDF without buying expensive software or re-typing the document.

Scams are all too prevalent and can be a source of worry as to what is legitimate and what is not. David P showed specific examples, how to assess them and recommended what not to do (continue to click on links in suspect scams) but rather to access web addresses by going in via links you initiate yourself. David also showed how you might locate a lost or purloined Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple watch and what options existed to mitigate any loss. Mick B pointed out how, in some circumstances two factor authentication might frustrate implementing some of the options.


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