Dorchester — Sep 10th 2019

This was a trial session of hands on activity. We split into in 3 pre-arranged groups, 6 working on Pages with Mick, 6 on Affinity with Euan and 2 on Keynote with David M. The Colliton Club Dorset room is long enough that were able to have the three sets of tables far enough apart that there was no crosstalk. Two of the tables had projectors and screens. Feedback from the evening was very positive. We will be repeating in November and can then look to further topics for similar treatment. If you have and comments suggestions, please make them here or send direct to [undisclosed email]


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Michael Corgan said…

I would like to see an ongoing Affinity Phot programme using its' tools - and in line with Drew's suggestion, to use them for a planned project. Maybe that could be followed by a similar course for Affinity Publisher.
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