Bournemouth — Nov 19th 2019

Tuesday’s meeting brought a small (but select) group of 9 together to talk about Mac tips and tricks. We started with impressions of, and best new features in, Catalina. Most people have already updated but there weren’t too many new features noted; the best new item was sidecar (using an iPad as a second display) that David later demoed, including using an Apple Pencil in Affinity Designer. Sidecar works with: 2016 or later MacBooks, 2015 or later iMacs with 6th generation or later iPads (full info here).

Searching Finder was discussed and Euan introduced a commercial app, NeoFinder, that catalogues external disks etc so they can be searched even when not connected. NeoFinder is $40 (on the American/English webpage) or €29 on the German webpage (click on “Deutche" next to the German flag icon). Another feature discussed was customising Toolbars in apps.

Questions and answers talked about using a memory stick as auxiliary storage for a MacBook; an SD card was suggested as a better option, faster and perhaps less prone to damage too as it doesn’t stick out so far.
Finally, the workshop sessions being run at Dorchester (and other) meetings were described. There was very contained enthusiasm for doing the same at Bournemouth.


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