Bournemouth — Oct 15th 2019

iPad now has its own version of IOS, iPad OS which Euan explained incorporates more Mac-like filing system, about which Euan enthused along with Multi-Tasking where you can have more than one window of the same app open together and other floating widows as well.

David and Euan covered some of the new features in IOS 13, common to both iPhone and iPad, starting with Dark Mode. Icons now give short cut menus to app features and several apps have been given major upgrades e.g. Photos both as a data base and photo editing, Maps with much more info, Reminders and Mail with its new format bar, fonts and drawing.

All of this is detailed in two Books available free here for Apple Books: iPhone User Guide for IOS 13 and iPad User Guide for iPad OS. [Be sure to click the 'Books' link, not 'Web'].


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