Bournemouth — Sep 17th 2019

AUGW Bournemouth, September 2019

12 members gathered at All Fired Up to listen to Mick tell us all about Apple’s Calendar app.

Starting with the Mac version, Mick took us on a tour of the General pane of the app’s Preferences,
showing how to choose what portion of the day to show and adjusting the scrolling behaviour to your liking. Comments from the floor indicated that the latter is a very much a matter of personal taste!

Next came the use of multiple calendars which can be colour coded. Calendars that are to be synched across your devices need to be created in the iCloud section. Shared calendars are denoted by a wireless icon.

Mick then dealt with creating events - setting their duration, travel time and associated alert(s). Repeating events can be created, with custom intervals. When sharing a calendar, you can choose whether or not others can edit the shared calendar. Calendars can be shared with specified individuals or the calendar can be made public, and a link can then be sent to anyone who you wish to see it.

Events can be assigned to time zones, which can be useful for planning appointments on holiday.

Mick then looked at the slightly different interface and layout of the iOS version of calendar.

The talk provoked a number of questions, especially on synching and the relative merits of the Calendar and Reminders apps.

After the coffee break Tony told us about the timetable for the release of iOS 13, pointing out that the initial release will have number of features missing. Apple has already announced that iOS 13.1 will be released on 30th September to fix these problems [Post meeting note: This has come forward to 24th September]. This is also the date for the first release of iPadOS. The next version of MacOS, Catalina, is due in October. This OS will not run 32 bit apps so we were advised not to upgrade to Catalina without first making sure that we weren’t dependent on any 32 bit apps.

In the general Q&A session, topics covered ranged from unreliable behaviour of the recording app Audacity, Excel windows opening in the corner of the screen, whether it was worth upgrading an old iMac with an SSD and using a Mac to program a doorbell which came with a Windows-specific app.


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