Bournemouth — Feb 19th 2019

February brought a keen but diminished nine members to hear David Moon describe the facilities available from Apple's Continuity. Before the presentation, Tony Still reminded everyone of the recently published 'Code of Conduct' for the Bournemouth meetings, designed to avoid any more unfortunate incidents around the fragile shelves of All Fired Up.

David described the introduction of Continuity in OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 and how it is now available for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Apple Watch. The Handoff, Universal Clipboard, iPhone Mobile Calls, SMS/MMS (Text) messaging, Instant Hotspot, Continuity Camera and Auto Unlock features all provide the ability to interwork between your Apple devices.

The features rely on both WiFi and Bluetooth, so these need to be turned on for each device. The features are also personal so the devices all need to be signed into the same Apple ID. It is then a matter of enabling each feature (skipping between Settings on iOS and System preferences on macOS). David also advised ensuring that all of the communications features have your mobile phone number included as an address where you can be contacted (assuming that you do have an iPhone, of course).

Auto-unlock (from Apple Watch) also needs Two-factor Authentication to be set for the Apple ID in use. There was some discussion about this but it is much improved over the earlier Two-Step Verification and more convenient to use; the extra security is welcome as the devices become more entwined with features like Continuity.

David concluded a comprehensive overview with a demonstration of Continuity Camera.

After the break, the meeting moved onto Q&A. There was discussion of Apple IDs versus Apple (iCloud) E-Mail addresses. The intention, and best position (not least for Continuity), is that a person has a single Apple ID. Apple will then provide up to twenty distinct E-Mail address to use with that Apple ID.

Still on E-Mail, there was a discussion about IMAP E-Mail that supposedly deletes a message on every device signed into the account once it is deleted on one device. A demonstration showed that this can be quite slow (perhaps explaining the the thought that it didn't work reliably); as the demo continued, deletion across two devices became almost instantaneous. IMAP does indeed seem to work though some went away with the nagging doubt that it would stop working again once Mick wasn't present to intimidate it…


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