Beaminster — Feb 5th 2019

An excellent turnout of 21 members & 1 guest on a dreadfully damp and foggy night. David M gave a comprehensive presentation on what can be done with hearing aids integrated with iPhones and such devices. While the iPhone will connect to many hearing aids that are Bluetooth enabled hearing aids that are MFi - made-for-iPhone offer amazing control options all done via the iPhone/iPad or even an iWatch. David P showed an advert for an iPhone controlling an endoscope but some thought it a step too far.

Beaminster members are invited to request topics on which they would welcome help. The next two topics FaceTime and Calendars were presented in answer to just such requests. David M addressed FaceTime covering such details as audio and not just video calls and how to set up Group calling but you can only talk to a maximum of 32 people at the same time! David P described some of the features of Calendars, how to set them up, share them with others and how to import calendars from, for example, AugWessex so you never miss a meeting.

David P briefly described the merits of Screenshot to capture what’s on the screen and the use of the space bar to quickly view what is in a file. There was not much time for Q&A so this will be addressed next meeting.


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