Fareham — Feb 9th 2019

There was a good turnout today with 15 members present.
We didn’t have a set talk, but instead choose to have an extended Q&A session.

The first question was on behalf of a member’s relative, who couldn’t send texts from the Messages app on her Mac although receiving them from iOS devices was no problem. We established a live link to share her screen, so that we could ensure that all the relevant settings were correct. Also, we checked that her Mac could receive a phone call OK. At this point, we ran out of ideas and moved on!

Several other topics were discussed including -
Printing address labels from the contacts app, Mail groups, Smart mailboxes, Junk emails, iCloud Drive, Files on iOS, Missing PDF files after an iOS update, Non-tracking browsers, older Macs struggling with Mojave, iPhone charging cycle count and Apple Pay.

It turned out to be a very useful meeting and everyone participated. The various discussions were well received, and cleared up several Apple problems.

The next meeting will be on Saturday 9th March, starting at 10.30am as usual.


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