Salisbury — Nov 26th 2019

Our November meeting was held back win the community space starting with a Q&A questions relating to the new OS Catalina. Followed by the showing of a couple of drawn animations demonstrating the use of a few simple lines. Brian showed a new feature in Pages, filled lettering where you are able to fill lettering with a photo this can also be achieved using Keynote.

David demonstrated Sidecar having the iPad mirror his MacBook showing that you can use either platforms interactive working together. Ewan showed us an OCR app enabling the copy of pages of scanned text and the location app for finding an exact position, down to 4m squares then giving a code that emergency services to find it. Lawrence took us to out space with astronomy photos that were enhanced to give a finer detail.

After the break David explored Pages on the iPad Pages to find that filled lettering can be achieved in the same way as with the MacBook, there is a slightly different way to get the results.

There will not be a December meeting at Salisbury, our next meeting will be on Tuesday 28th January 2020


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