Salisbury — Oct 29th 2019

Again our meeting was held in a training room, as it is not possible to turn the lights off in the training room we used the large TV for the presentation, a projected image was too difficult to see.

We began with a Q&A.

Euan then presented his Painting with Filters showing how to use filters and layers to create multiple effects in the Affinity suite of applications that work seamlessly together, Mixing and altering the layers and filters to produce the results required, emphasising that you can have a play to enjoy the process of creation.

We finished off our meeting with a discussion about the new Mac OS Catalina, a few members had already installed it and told of positive results and some new features, one being able to have a MacBook linked to an iPad to be used as a second interactive screen.

Our November meeting will be held back in the community space.


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