Salisbury — Sep 24th 2019

Eight members braved one of the wettest day of the year to attend, the start was a little later than usual due to a move to a training room, on the first floor, a rather bright room so viewing the screen was a bit difficult but manageable, the subject this month was iMovie, and include importing a movie, simple editing, adding titles and transitions, then on to cropping the ends and removing unwanted section. reversing the action and joining together of two movies.

Members were invited to come up with any hints and tips they may have to help, there is always something to learn that may have been overlooked, Ewan showed how to delete a soundtrack and adding one of your own.

Items brought up were what to do do with loads of photographs during the Q&A and Tricia showed us a realtime weather app. AccuWeather that can track the weather locally to your area.


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