Salisbury — Mar 26th 2019

The meeting began with Barry presenting ZOOM an application that is cross platform covering most formats ZOOM is used for video conferencing it can be used to video chat with one person or talk to several friends and family with video at the same time, or with a large group of people for a conference, with your picture all participants and their pictures are displayed and selected when they speak, he explained how he uses it to chat with his uncle a PC user in Australia showing part of their chat with a recording and a screen shot of his screen.

Features of ZOOM are, starting, joining and schedule a meeting, record a session, a white board, the ability to share your screen or someone else’s screen (be careful with whom you share).

It’s free, you will have to sign up, create your password fill in some personal info such as your e-mail address, add your photo if you like, you will be given your personal ID number and ZOOM address and you are ready to go

Adding a contact is quite easy, (they must of course have ZOOM installed) all you have to do is use their e-mail address, a request is sent instantly and all they have to do is accept and its done, it’s the same if someone wants to add you to their contacts, just accept.

Quite a lot of useful questions were asked as Barry’s presentation went along, in all a very interesting and informative meeting, with some members downloading the app.

During the break a rather nice and cake with a lit candle was produced to celebrate Euan’s birthday.

The meeting ended with general chat and giving a helping hand to sort out a few problems.


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