Beaminster — Dec 4th 2018

Meeting on 4th December 2018

19 members came along to hear three presentations.

John gave a very comprehensive talk on Backing Up. After a salutary warning as to why we should all back-up he took us through wired (using iTunes and a local computer) and wireless backing up (using wifi and the iCloud) of iPads and iPhones. He then completed the cycle by explaining how to then use the back-up to restore your information.

David described how you can ‘borrow’ books from your local library and have them delivered to your device to be read as an e-book obviating the need to travel to the library. We were taken through how to get the right app, what information was needed to set it up and how it could be used to both borrow books and reserve them for when they became available.

The final presentation was a seasonal letter to Santa as part of the Back to Basics series to illustrate the use of some of the features of Pages.

Mince pies and coffees were enjoyed while the 1:1 sessions took place.

Please note the first Tuesday in January is New Year’s Day so there will be no Beaminster meeting in January.

David P.


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